UPDATE: Nicki Minaj Posts NSFW Video In Preparation For New Cover Story


UPDATE 11/14/2017: Nicki Minaj recently unveiled that the raunchy new video was a promotional tool for her upcoming cover story with PAPER Magazine. Ahead of the feature’s debut, the rapper dropped the cover, depicting three Nicki clones posing seductively. The headline reads: “Minaj a Trois.”

Check it out below.



So, Nicki Minaj posted an interesting video on Twitter late Tuesday night (Nov. 14), and it has a lot of Barbs talking.

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Its unclear exactly what the video is depicting, but it appears to be of Nicki Minaj sporting a latex bodysuit. As the clip cuts from scenes of Nicki’s body to the rapper in the shower, soft music plays in the background. There also seems to be a scene of the rapper lI king something (or someone).

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ita unclear whether Nicki was hacked or not. But judging how long the video has been up on her Twitter account, many believe it is not a mistake.

Check out the video below.