White Man Arrested After Attempting To Rob Bank In Blackface

A man in Corona, Calif. was arrested this week stemming from a pretty idiotic move he made in August.

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The Press-Enterprise reports Jarred Schmittle was charged with suspicion of attempted robbery on Wednesday (Nov. 8). The 40-year-old decided to enter a Wells Fargo Bank in August and slip a note to the teller in order to grab the cash. He also threatened to use a gun. His plan foiled and to make matters worse, he sported blackface to commit the crime.

The FBI put out a notice at the time of the incident after the suspect got away when the silent alarm was triggered.

Police retrieved a search warrant on Nov. 1 to search his home and more than likely found his blackface makeup, but more importantly found other evidence connecting him to the robbery.

Schmittle is currently sitting in at the Cois Byrd Detention Center in French Valley.

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