Rich White Teen Suspected Of Gang-Related Murder Out On Bail


An 18-year-old white teen from an affluent family was charged with murder for the gang-related killing of a 21-year-old man, but was recently seen out on bail at Dodgers game.

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According to reports, Cameron Terrell-who is the son of a South Bay interior designer and a media consultant based in El Segundo-was reportedly the getaway driver in a Oct 1 killing of Justin Alongino Holmes. Although Terrell isn’t believed to have fired the fatal shot, he still faces charges including one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. It’s alleged Terrell participated in the crime to show loyalty to his gang. If convicted, the 18-year-old could face 25 years behind bars.

What is more jarring is the fact Terrell was able to receive bail and was seen with his parents taking in a world series game at Dodger’s stadium. Attorney John Raphling, spoke with LA Weekly and said “it is rare ” someone with any involvement in a gang-related murder is able to get bail. It’s still unclear how a white teen from a prominent family came to join a predominantly black gang from South Central LA.

County jail records show Terrell posted bail Oct. 19 and is due back in court for arraignment Nov. 29. Despite his murder charge, Terrell is also still going to school, which has raised concern for parents.

On Oct. 1 at about 11:25 AM, Holmes and two other men were reportedly walking west on 78th Street near Western Avenue. Law enforcement say Holmes and his two friends were confronted by two men with guns who asked where they were from. One of the gunmen fired multiple shots hitting Holmes, his friends were able to escape.

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It’s reported Terrell drove the getaway for the two gunmen through an alley. Holmes was taken to a hospital where he later died and it’s believed Holmes was not gang related.