White Victoria Secret Angels Face Backlash For Singing The N-Word

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The conversation of white, as well as non-black people saying the n-word seems to never end. Many who have no ties to blackness have felt the need to chant it from their favorite hip-hop songs– even Victoria Secret models.

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On Tuesday evening (Nov. 28) the pre-taped Victoria Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS, which meant plenty of behind the scenes moments landed on social media. One in particular shows a batch of supermodels singing Cardi B’s chart-topping hit, “Bodak Yellow.”

With no woman of color around, it also shows them saying the catchy line, “And I’m quick to cut a ni**a off so don’t get comfortable.”

Unfortunately, some of the ladies were comfortable saying the n-word.

The video was originally posted by model Camilla Rowe, who condemned the use of the word after her video gained traction. “Black artists can say it in their songs,” she tweeted. “Black people can use it as freely as they want. If you’re not black, don’t say it. End of discussion.”


Fans were quick to point out in that St. Louis native and model Devon Windsor refrained from joining her VS sisters in saying the n-word. It proves the point author Ta-Nehisi Coates makes in his now-viral speech about white hip-hop fans and the n-word.

“I think for white people the experience of being a hip-hop fan and not being able to use the word “ni**a” is actually very insightful,” he said. “It gives you a peek into the world of what its like to be black. There’s a lot to be learned from refraining.”

Kudos to Rowe and Windsor.

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