Woman Creates Go Fund Me For Her Broke Ex-Boyfriend

Cues R.Kelly’s “When A Woman’s Fed Up”

A Richmond, California woman grew tired of her her ex’s inability to provide for their daughter and decided to take matters into her own hands by creating a Go Fund Me page.

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Jazminn DyNiece Gabriel gave brief background into their failed relationship. Gabriel said that after their four-year relationship came to an end, her ex was (unofficially diagnosed) with what she called “bitter b***h syndrome,” which has led him to file for spousal support to allegedly receive money from her in order to care for their child.

Yeah, it’s a sticky situation.

“We have a court ordered timeshare of our daughter Phoenyx where he has her 36% of the time and I have her the other 64%. Since he’s been gone (in my Kelly Clarkson voice) I’ve asked him for literally nothing and in return he filed for child support because he is so broke he needs me to support him to support his daughter,” Gabriel said. “He literally only needs to feed her, clothe her and supply diapers while she’s with him five days every other week. Also I’m pretty sure his mom is doing that. Anyway the judge ordered me to pay him $68″

Gabriel pledged a goal of $10,000 and at the time of this post received a whopping 20 WHOLE dollars. However, it’s the plethora of comments from users that really add to the absurdity of the post. One user asked where the “TAKE” button was as they wanted a refund on the five or so minutes taken they can’t get back. Another user found Gabriel’s word so hilarious they referred to it as life giving.

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To read the Go Fund Me in its entirety, CLICK HERE

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