Women Climb Through McDonald’s Drive-Thru To Attack Manager Over Nuggets They Never Ordered


Police are looking for two women who climbed through a McDonald’s drive-thru window to attack a manager over an order of chicken nuggets.

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CBS4 (WTTV) reports the incident happened Friday (Nov. 10) when two unidentified women ordered dinner from a McDonald’s in Indianapolis. As they were receiving their food, the women pointed out that they didn’t get chicken nuggets. After the manager showed the women that they never actually ordered the nuggets via their receipt, she informed them if they’d like to order the item, they had to drive back around.

Things took a violent turn when the women were filmed hopping though the drive-thru window to attack the manager. No one was hurt in the incident, but a register and sweet tea tub was knocked over.

The women also fled without the nuggets.

If they actually knew how chicken nuggets were made (or used to), they probably would be so rilled up to get them.

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