Let Xavier Omär Set The Tone For Your Weekend With His Impressive ‘Pink Lightning’ EP

Music, at its best, can provide an escape from the stresses of a person’s day-to-day. The right project can function as a world of sounds to get pleasantly lost in. Consider Xavier Omär’s new EP, Pink Lightning, exactly that. Released today (Nov. 17), it’s a snack of a project—it tallies in at only five songs—but it’s one worth biting into.

“I wasn’t quite ready to do an album, but I still wanted to give my fans music before the year ends,” Xavier said. “So it was inspired by love for them, but I also want to share more of who I really am with them. I am seen as gentle, yet there’s grit and strength that’s part of not just me, but the music as well. In the production of the songs on this EP you can feel gentleness and strength, whether it’s one of those feelings or both at once. It’s a great representation of who I am and how I feel.”

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Such gentleness and grit can be heard in “Change On Me,” which features the feathery vocals of newcomer Leuca, and the acapella-style “The Title,” arguably the EP’s two strongest and effecting songs. However, from the EP’s lead single “Runnin’ Round” right down to the closer “Wild,” a remix of Chris Larocca’s original, there are tracks worthy of a skip.

Press play on the project below, and catch Xavier on his headlining Pink Lightning Tour while you can.