5-Year-Old Boy Tries To Save Christmas By Calling 911 On The Grinch


The Grinch might want to watch his back. A 5-year-old boy called 911 to try and save Christmas and what ensued was so adorable that you can’t help but laugh.

TyLon Pittman of Byram, Miss., phoned the emergency line over the weekend in an attempt to save Christmas. Within seconds of the call, the 911 operator realizes that there’s no actual emergency and calmly plays along as he warns her about that sneaky little Grinch.

“I just want to tell you something,” Tylon says. “Watch for that little Grinch. Because the Grinch is gonna’ steal Christmas, okay?”

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After making a concise but solid case against the Grinch, Tylon hands the phone over to his father, who was understandably shocked that his son snuck on the phone to call 911. Meanwhile, the emergency operator couldn’t stop laughing at the whole thing.

According to ABC News, the boy learned all about the Grinch from watching YouTube videos.  To reassure him that Christmas won’t be getting stolen, Officer Lauren Develle showed up to the boy’s house on Monday (Dec. 19) with the Grinch in tow, and allowed TyLon to help her “arrest” him.


Listen to the 911 call below.