50 Cent Wins Big In ‘Power’ Lawsuit

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50 Cent is probably somewhere having a huge glass of Effen Vodka. The rapper reportedly won big in his latest lawsuit, in which he was accused of ripping off some one else’s idea to create the hit series, Power. A judge reportedly ruled in 50’s favor, dismissing the case altogether, TMZ reports.

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According to the case, two men wrote a play entitled “Dangerous,” which they alleged was eerily similar to Power. The “Dangerous” storyline also involved a drug dealer who indulged in drug laundering and other violent activities.

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Nevertheless, the court stated that those commonalities are prevalent in many other series such as The Wire, Empire, Narcos, and Breaking Bad. In that case, those subjects are essentially public domain.

So it looks like 50 won’t be forced to fork over some of his profits after all.

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