Rapper 6ix9ine Appears To Joke About Child Sexual Abuse Case On Social Media


Burgeoning rapper 6ix9ine appeared to make a joke in reference to a completely non-comical situation. The Brooklynite, whose track “Gummo” currently sits at number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, is believed to have referenced his controversial child sex crime charge while also teasing an upcoming remix for his song “Keke.”

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“JAN 14th haha 14 so ironic,” he cheekily wrote in the now-deleted post. According to reports, the rapper (born Daniel Hernandez) pleaded guilty in 2015 to the use of a child in a sexual performance. A comment on a screengrab of the post reads “I love your sense of humor how you can turn a tragedy to triumph with a hint of sarcasm…”

The child at the time was 13, and Hernandez was 18. In an interview with DJ Akademiks, Hernandez said that his victim was “14 or some sh*t like that,” although he initially believed she was older than she truly was.

There seems to be conflicting reports as to what “14” may actually stand for. Some fans have commented that “14” references 6ix9ine’s former collaborator Trippie Redd, who also goes by Lil 14.

Nonetheless, Jan. 14 is also two weeks before 6ix9ine’s sentencing hearing for the alleged incident, which will take place Jan. 30. He faces the potential of a three year felony probation sentence. If his probation is violated, he faces up to three years in prison.

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CREDIT: Instagram- @6ix9ine_