The Amazon Echo & It’s Digital Assistant Alexa Believe Black Lives Matter

Robotic hosts have been the talk of tech spaces this week such as Sophia Robot, but digital home assistants are also ruffling feathers with its views on equality and race.

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On Thursday (Dec. 7), an alt-right defender shared a video posing questions to the Amazon Echo and Alexa, it’s digital assistant on race and gender. Released during the fall, the device was welcomed with generally positive reviews on it’s design and performance.

We’re sure it’s not what Mr. Frame wanted to hear, but Alexa dropped a few gems on life and the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Black lives and The Black Lives Matter movement absolutely matter,” Alexa said. “It’s important to have conversations on equality and social justice.” The same followed for questions on feminism and gender.

It’s cool that Amazon got it right when it comes to the world of social justice. Now if we can get the device privy to accents, we’d have a revolution for sure.

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