Sports Anchors Say Diddy Looks Like He “Smoked A Blunt” After Revealing He Wants To Own The Panthers

When it was announced the Carolina Panthers would be up for sale, Sean P. Diddy Combs took to social media to announce he wants to own the NFL team. Soon after, Colin Kaepernick and Golden State Warrior Steph Curry also threw their hat in the ring. However, not everyone was in support of Mr. Combs’ desire to become a NFL team owner.

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During KRON-TV’s sports segment “The World According to Darya” anchor Henry Wofford began his spiel against Diddy’s future business plans by hurling derogatory insults. “The guy looks high right there in this video,” Wofford, a black man, said. “He looks like he smoked a blunt and drank a 40. Come on, I’m not taking him seriously.”

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Darya Folsom interrupted Wofford by bringing up Diddy’s finances and claimed the mogul doesn’t have enough to become an NFL owner. “The problem is, I checked, Diddy is only worth $800 million and the Panthers are valued at $1 billion,” Folsom said.

The video quickly went viral forcing Wofford to apologize.

Wofford alleges the snippet takes things out of context, however Nipsey Hussle wasn’t buying the apology and responded to their disrespect with a few facts of his own.

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“I’m offended to my core and both these clowns can’t even pay the water bill at one of Diddy’s estates, but they can’t take him serious?” Hussle captioned. ‘He looked like he just finished drinking a 40?’ You’re talking about the owner of a vodka company. ‘I don’t even know what he does’ Forbes do though.”

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Mr. Combs has yet to respond to the criticism from Folsom, Wofford or anyone who has ever doubted his dreams. However, owning an NFL team isn’t the same as being president of a record label, running a clothing company or owning your own premium vodka. Do you think Mr. Combs has the business savvy to properly run the Carolina Panthers organization? Sound off in the comments below,