There’s Now An App For Children To Video Chat With A Black Santa Claus


The Holidays are getting digitally diverse! A newly-launched Black Santa App, introduced by the Ravenel Agency, allows black children to video chat with Santa that looks like them.

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Amber Ravenel, CEO of the Ravenel Agency, created the app after her niece refused to believe that there could be a Santa who looks like her.

“When I grew up there was only one type of Santa, and no matter where I went they always looked the same,” Ravenel explained in a news release sent to VIBE. “Not one looked like me or anyone in my family. As our society becomes more and more diverse, I think it’s crucial that there is diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life, the tech tools we use and that should include Santa Claus as well.”

The $2.99 iTunes app includes a pre-recorded message from Santa encouraging youngsters to be good for the holiday season, and is ideal for children who may not be able tot get out to see St. Nick in person, or want more time to speak with him.

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In the future, Ravenel plans to expand the app to include different genders and races.

Click here to download.