Black Women Played A Major Role In Roy Moore’s Defeat During Alabama Senate Race

The contentious and controversial Alabama Senate race came to a close Tuesday night, (Dec. 12) with Democrat Doug Jones clenching the title against accused child molester (and the Donald Trump endorsed) Roy Moore. Jones’ victory in the Republican state has proven to be an even more historic upset as a Democrat hasn’t won a Senate race since 1992.

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CNN exit polls show Jones’ victory was due to a large turnout from the African-American community. The Washington Post doubled down on this research by reporting nearly 98% of black women supported Jones. Shortly after it was revealed that black women aided in Jones’ election, the hashtag “black women” began to trend on Twitter with many thanking the marginalized community for their support.

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However for some, a hashtag and a trending topic simply wasn’t enough.

Per The Washington Post, 17% of voters were black women and 98% of them voted in favor of Jones. Conversely, 31% of voters were white women and 34% of those voters showed their support for Moore.