The Trilogy Is Complete: BROCKHAMPTON Releases ‘Saturation III’


BROCKHAMPTON may be the most breakthrough rap collective of the year. After breaking onto the scene with their All-American Trash project last year, Jon Nunes, Dom McLennon, Robert Ontenient, Jabari Manwa, Ameer Vann, Kiko Merely, Matt Champion, (*takes deep breath*) Romil Hemnani, JOBA, Kevin Abstract, bearface., and Merlyn Wood captivated fans and gained new ones with their Saturation albums throughout 2017. Today (Dec 15), the California-based collective release the third and final installment Saturation III.

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Led by the horn-heavy “BOOGIE,” BROCKHAMPTON comes through with 15 more sonically compelling records that fit any kind of mood their fans may be in from the dramatically depressing “LIQUID” to their soulful hymn “BLEACH.” The album comes not long after BROCKHAMPTON confirmed that their next studio album Team Effort is in the works, which kills off any rumor about their “final album.”

They didn’t reveal a release date for their upcoming album, but for now enjoy Saturation III below.