Bronx High School Set To Close After Fatal School Stabbing


Following a violent altercation this year, one Bronx high school is set to close in June after a lengthy decision by the Education Department. The closing of the school, Urban Assembly for Wildlife Conservation, is directly related to the stabbing and death of Matthew McCree, 15, by Abel Cedeno, 18. Department leaders arrived at the decision after myriad visits spanning over a two-month period between early October and mid-December.

Officials posited, “Despite additional interventions, there continues to be instability for students and staff, and the Chancellor has determined that Wildlife students will be better served at another school.” Expectedly, parents and students alike have attempted to uproot and transfer to new schools where they don’t have to fear for their safety or recollect trauma. Witnessing the stabbing is still a wound that needs healing.

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Cedeno was charged with multiple crimes including criminal possession of a weapon and manslaughter, to which he pleaded not guilty. The student said earlier this year that McCree was a part of a group of bullies who victimized him due to his sexuality, angering him and eventually motivating him to arrive at the decision to plunge a switchblade into McCree’s chest.

Cedeno reported to school officials with hopes of thwarting the bullying early on, but it was ineffective. Officials failed to notify external authority. As a result, former principal Astrid Jacobo had his position revoked.