The ‘Catch Me Outside’ Girl Paid Off Her Mother’s Mortgage For Christmas


While Danielle Bregoli AKA The “Catch Me Outside” girl doesn’t have the best reputation on the Internet, for Christmas she did earn a few points for her kind gesture.

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According to TMZ,  the 14-year-old recording artist took to social media and recorded herself handing an envelope over to her mother. “Merry Christmas, bich,” Bregoli said.

Inside the envelope was a $65,000 check for her to pay off her mortgage. Barbara Ann Bregoli was visibly surprised and happy about the gift of being debt free.

We were first introduced to Bregoli when she appeared on the Dr. Phil show in September 2016 to receive some help for her poor behavior. It was while attempting to take on someone in the audience that Bregoli spawned the catchphrase “Catch me outside. How ’bout dat!” From there, her celebrity grew with memes and other Internet fodder. However, almost a year after appearing on national television, Danielle signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records. Her first song was “These Heauxs”

However you feel about her–and we’re not mad at you if you’re not a fan–helping to pay off your mother’s mortgage is pretty dope. Well done.

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