Charles Barkley On GOP Tax Bill: “Y’all Ain’t Got No Chance”


Charles Barkley doesn’t shy away from voicing his opinion or inciting upset. And he’s certainly no stranger to doing so on the sports panel Inside the NBA. In the most recent episode, Barkley flippantly “thanks” the GOP for the tax cuts. The Hall of Famer says, with certainty, that the GOP will always “take care of rich people.”

“This’ll be my second [big gift] this week,” he says in the segment, TMZ reports. “Shaq, they said it’s going to trickle down—I’m going to trickle my fat a** down to the jewelry store to get a new Rolex. I’m not going to pass it to nobody.”

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Barkley is alluding to the Republican “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” passed on Dec. 20 by a party vote of 51-48. Later the House would pass the bill by a vote of 224-201, none of the supporters being democrats. The bill will likely increase insurance premiums, consequently lessening those with insurance, though it removes the Affordable Care Act mandate. It is expected to assist the highest earners most and force the lowest earners to pay more in taxes.

For the bill to be finalized, President Donald Trump must sign the bill into law. The country is technically awaiting a verdict but Barkley is not hopeful. He says, “Sorry, poor people. I’m hoping for y’all, but y’all ain’t got no chance.”

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Barkley’s statement is hardly surprising. He joined Senate candidate Doug Jones at his final campaign event and was vocal about Jones’ victory in his home state, Alabama.