Chris Bosh’s Mom Denies Drug Trafficking, Claims He’s Trying To Evict Her


Chris Bosh’s mom wants to clear her name. After her Texas home was raided in a drug trafficking sting last week, Freida Bosh spoke out to deny any part in the suspected illegal activity.

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In an interview with TMZ Sports Monday (Dec. 11), Freida and her son Joel Bosh explained that while she may have been named as a suspect in the case, she did nothing wrong and hasn’t been arrested.

“It was a landlord tenant relationship I had a 30-day tenant, they moved,” she said implying that the tenant was to blame for the drug case. “As a matter of fact the police got them, and they tore my house up.”

Though he wasn’t named in the investigation, Chris owns the house where Freida lives, and the relationship between mother and son is apparently strained. The two allegedly haven’t spoken in five years, and Freida claims that she was forced to rent out rooms in order to pay for a lawyer because Chris is trying to evict her.

Authorities reportedly say that heroine and cocaine were being trafficking out of the home.

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