Three Dallas Cowboys Players Got Baptized Inside Their Practice Facility

Faith and football go hand in hand for three Dallas Cowboys players who got baptized in the team’s rehabilitation pool earlier this month. The trio posted their baptism to Facebook sending a resounding message that being vocal about their faith is perfectly fine.

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The viral video showed the Cowboys’ chaplain, Pastor John Evans, baptizing linebackers Anthony Hitchens and Justin March-Lillard and safety Kavon Frazier at The Star, the team’s new headquarters and practice facility.

The NFL players wanted to send a message to the younger generation, letting them know it’s okay “to come out of the closet in their faith.”

“They don’t see their friends really worshiping God and really talking about God,” Frazier told The Undefeated. “Even me growing up, I went to a Christian school all my life, but I really wasn’t going around talking about God. But now it’s different … but from this video, hopefully younger people will start learning [about God] a little bit quicker.”

The players were shocked the video went viral, crediting it to God’s plan.

“He made it go viral just so we can use our platform in a whole bigger sense than just football. It wasn’t supposed to blow up, it just happened. We didn’t do it for the press. We did it to renew our vows with God.” Frazier said.

Because the players spend so much time at the practice facility, they felt it was only right to make a life-changing decision at The Star.

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“We spend a lot of our time here [at the practice facilities],” March-Lillard said. “You’re more with the guys here than you are with your own family, so it’s like a family environment. “Our church is here, so for us it was kind of like that’s why we got baptized here, because this is our church, this is where we have Bible study.”

With 15 teammates watching along, Frazier told The Undefeated it brought the team closer.