Innocent Woman Sues St. Paul Police Department After K-9 Attacks

On Sept, 23, an innocent woman suffered multiple bite wounds from a K-9 that targeted her while she was taking out the garbage. Now, video of the incident has surfaced and caught the attention of readers across various social media platforms.

According to CBS Minnesota, Desiree Collins endured deep marks to her arm and leg. Once officers, who were on patrol for a male burglar, heard her screams, they immediately rushed over to the scene. One officer’s body-cam recorded the footage.

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“There were insufficient warnings and just no real control of the dog,” Collins’ attorney Andy Noel said. “The dog was on a 20 foot leash which allowed it to venture into areas where the canine officers didn’t know what was there.” The officer in charge of the K-9, Thadeus P. Schmidt, faced a one-day suspension.

Collins, 52, recently filed a lawsuit against the St. Paul police department for failing to “give proper warning” to the dog so that this incident could’ve been prevented, FOX 9 reports.

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Police Chief Todd Axtell also issued a statement to news stations, regretting the occurrence. “My heart breaks when I watch this video. What happened to Ms. Collins was a terrible accident that should not have occurred,” Axtell said. “I am sorry it happened and that she was injured. As a department, we wish we could go back do things differently. Unfortunately, we can’t.”

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