Diddy Brings His Daughters To Tears With A Cute & Cuddly Christmas Gift

Diddy, aka Brother Love, is full of Christmas cheer, and had no problem spreading the joy to his friends and family. And this Xmas, the media mogul gifted his daughters with the cutest present ever.

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In a video posted on social media, Diddy was seen presenting a handful of presents to his surrounding family. “I’m put here to make sure that everyone’s dreams come true and that they live to all their possibilities. If you want to dream about anything you should dream it,” Diddy shouted, holding onto a bunch of large gift bags.

“And I’m going to show you living proof of that with this magic trick,” he continued. After gently placing one of the bags on the ground and reaching into it, a puppy appeared. The video shows his daughter, Chance screaming with excitement as her dad brought the cuddly animal over to her.

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While Diddy seemed to be the center of attention on Christmas Day for a great reason, the Bad Boy executive recently faced criticism after expressing his interest in wanting to buy the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. He was reportedly mocked during a live broadcast by Kron4 reporters, although they apologized shortly after.

All criticism aside though, it looks like Diddy had a wonderful holiday.


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