‘This Ain’t No Joke Ting’ DJ Khaled Injures Himself On A Jet Ski And Hilariously Documents It All


Even when DJ Khaled is in danger, it’s still entertaining.

Asahd’s father hopped on a jet ski Wednesday (Dec. 20) and planned to go to Diddy’s house. The “Wild Thoughts” producer decided to go the back way instead of taking a straight route and ran into some trouble. And as we all know, it’s not real unless it’s on Instagram, DJ Khaled documented his entire ordeal. At first, everything seemed to be going rather well and then he ran into a bit of mechanical failure.

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Beginning to realize the severity in the situation, DJ Khaled, still very calm, finally admitted something may be wrong. “This not no joke ting,” the 42-year-old producer said. “I am stuck for real.”

In an effort to get himself out of the predicament he unintentionally wound up in, the Grateful artist revealed he jumped into the murky water and unfortunately cut his leg.

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“The key is don’t panic. This ain’t no joke ting. I ain’t panicking I just have to figure it out. In life, there’s roadblocks,” Khaled said.”



Khaled eventually makes it to Diddy’s house proving the best way to get out of any situation is to not panic and stay calm. Per usual, DJ Khaled blessed us all with another major key.