Don Lemon Thinks Donald Trump Should Do Some Cardio


Don Lemon thinks if Donald Trump is going to spend so much time at one of his golf resorts, he should at least incorporate some cardio while he’s there. During a CNN segment about the president’s vacation time, Lemon brought attention to Trump’s size, and noted exercising should be a priority.

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“Considering how much he’s away, it’d be great if he got an activity that involved cardio,” the 51-year-old anchor said Tuesday night. (Dec. 26) “No seriously, considering his diet, you could look at him there…”

All presidents take vacations. The enormous responsibility of the job warrants taking a few days off to reset. However, Donald Trump has surpassed the amount of vacation days his predecessor, has taken and is reportedly on course to set a new record for any president.

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According to CNNas of Friday, Trump has spent 86 days at one of his golf courses since taking the oath of office. Flanked by Secret Service and a few of his White House aides, the number of days away from the White House may be a lot but also seems to be the exact thing he accused President Obama of doing while he was in office.