The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of Drake’s Leaked Single “Pistols”

A snippet of an unreleased Drake single, entitled “Pistols” leaked this past holiday (Dec. 25), and the Internet is loving every second of it. Many Drizzy fans hopped on social media shortly after the track leaked to give their first-listen reviews.

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The single, which was reportedly produced by Drake and Noah “40” Shebib, is a light-hearted track with a danceable beat. The track also seems to be leaning towards his old Take Care days, rather than his newer music. “You say you want me, I don’t ignore you/You said it first, but I meant it more girl/Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah/You got potential, I can’t explain it/You’re so persuasive, I made some changes/Oh, yeah, oh, yeah,” he sings on the first verse.

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On the chorus, Drake also dives into his more melodic notes. “‘Cause I’ve been sleepin’ with a pistol in my bed/I’d rather have you here instead/I gotta get outta my own head/Don’t let me down, come here right now (Yeah)/Don’t let me down, come here right now.”

Although the entire track didn’t drop just yet, the Internet seems to think it’s a hit. Check out the reactions below.

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