Dumbfoundead Uses ‘Rocket Man’ To Expose All Sides Of The ‘Immigrant Story’


Los Angeles rapper Dumbfoundead has come a long way from his days as a battle rapper. Now with numerous high profile film projects under his belt and a multitude of albums — including international releases — he aims to continue telling his immigrant story. On Tuesday (Dec 12), Dumb released one of his most personal projects to date, Rocket Man.

“This EP had me thinking about my dad and mom coming to this country as immigrants. I tried to think from their perspectives – they’ve made a lot of mistakes, so this is not just about the ‘triumphant immigrant’… it’s me turning up, getting ratchet! I don’t want to tell just the immigrant success story, this is about everything going on right now and how we have to survive,” Dumbfoundead explains.

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Just one day after the release of his Rocket Man EP, the title track’s music video was banned in South Korea. The Korean-American rapper chose to use the visuals to attack American hypocrisy associated with foreigners — a rebellious act that South Korea government took objection to.

Although South Korean law protects the freedom of speech and press, due to the ever-present threat of North Korea, the country has an increased sense of censorship through its National Security Act. Because of this law, an artist must submit their work for review by the government before it can be viewed by the general public, in South Korea, which Dumbfoundead did with his “Rocket Man” video.

“In Korea, musicians have to submit videos to the Censorship Bureau one week in advance in order to get them approved, and usually pretty much everything gets through,” said Dummy when recalling the banning of his video. “I woke up this morning and I found out ‘Rocket Man’ got banned – not just ‘not approved – but banned.”

Listen to the Rocket Man EP via iTunes and Spotify.