Eminem Re-Releases Air Jordan IV Encore Shoe In Support Of Detroit Communities

On Friday (Dec. 15), Eminem released his ninth studio album, Revival, on which he discusses everything from politics to his previous marriage and parenting skills. However, it wasn’t his only release this week.

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Just two days ago, rumors surfaced about the re-release of the Air Jordan IV Encore shoes after Eminem posted to Instagram an image of him holding onto a pair standing with StockX founder Josh Luber. StockX is a stock market that buys and sells authentic sneakers, handbags, watches, etc.


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The exclusive shoes feature a special black and royal blue design with red and gray trimmings on the heel, wingtip and mid-sole. Initially, they were only released to friends and family of Shady Records, in honor of his Encore album in late 2004.

It has now been confirmed the Detroit rapper teamed up with StockX to re-release the Encore shoes, of which only 23 pairs exist, as a campaign to raise funds for Detroit communities through his Marshall Mathers Foundation.

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For a small donation of $10, eligible donors will be entered for a chance to win a choice of nine different prizes, straight from Eminem’s personal collection. Additional prizes include a Shrine Sneaker Backpack from his 2016 South America Tour, Nike Air Force 1 signed by Shady Records (each foot sold individually) and a pair of Nike Air Max Wrights worn by Eminem, himself.

The campaign will run from Dec. 14-20, with over $77,000 raised thus far. Stadium Goods, a premium sneaker and streetwear marketplace, is currently selling a pair for under $70,000. Another pair are being sold on eBay for $25,000.