Exclusive: Nashville’s Gee Slab Presents ‘Favor Ain’t Fair’ EP

So the story goes, @mikey_fresh1 (VIBE’s Music Editor) wanted to do our #FreshPack new artists tour this year (shout to the whole @gng_ent for producing it). The tour hit NY, VA, ATL, MIA and Nashville. Outside of New York, I made my first trip to Nashville to check the show. While there, we had a listening session with the local talent and to my surprise damn near 90% of them were dope. One dude in particular really stood out. My man @geeslab had that extra it factor. I wanted to hear more from the heavy set spitter with the quick wit lines. Once I saw his video “Hey Hey Hey”, I was sold and thought of pairing him up with my music making partner @knghenryiv.

They “Linked Up” in my NY office, played beats/rhymed and the chemistry was immediate. From Gee visiting NY turned into King Henry flying down to Nashville to work on a project together. They knocked it out in a few days and this project is the result. @knghenryiv said on Instagram, “Took a trip to Nashville at the end of the Summer and fell in love with the city. The homie @datwon linked @geeslab and I in his (@vibemagazine) office to collaborate on an EP…can’t wait till y’all hear it.”

Gee Slab’s motivation for the project came from working on other music and wanting to put something new out in this collaboration form, “I knew it was time to brach out, not just for myself but for my city. You can’t put on for your city if you’re always in your city. The Project is basically saying count your blessings and run your own race, especially the last track, “Summer Minks” featuring @Petty615 brings it full circle.”




Presented by: @vibemagazine
Curated by: @datwon
Executive Produced: @knghenryiv
Photo Cred: @beshootin
Artwork: @flugameq
Recorded at: @leedsrecording
S/o my dawg @petty615 for blessing me with the feature, @thatvatocapo &@thedjhybrid for the help.