Father Gifts Son With Stuffed Animal Featuring Late-Mother’s Voice

There’s nothing like the warmth of a mother’s love to make you feel some type of way during this frigid winter. Antonio Vargas, whose wife passed away over the summer, made sure that his son felt comforted during this difficult holiday season with the most perfect Christmas present.

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Vargas posted a video to Facebook of him at Build-a-Bear Workshop, where he worked with the store’s employees to create a truly special gift for his son.

“This is a real big touching moment as a parent prepping this monkey to have a heartbeat and to speak to my son, so that my son can hear his mother’s voice again,” he wrote of the special gift. His wife passed away on Independence Day this year.

“We always called our son our little monkey,” he continued. “So on Christmas Day, his dream came true!!! I love my little man with all my heart, Daddy loves you.”

The heartwarming gift featured the monkey saying ““I love you to the world and back,” “I love you guys so much and I will always love you” “Give me a big hug, I love you,” and “Tell him Mommy loves him.”

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This is absolutely beautiful, and we’re glad this young man can keep his mother close forever and always.