A Florida Attorney Was Caught “Fully Exposed” After Trying To Make Pornos With Inmates


A Florida attorney was caught with his pants down after a female inmate tipped off investigators he was paying other inmates to have sex with him, and recording it on his iPad.

KTLA 5 News reports Andrew Spark has been charged with soliciting for prostitution, exposure of sexual organs and possession of contraband in a county detention facility. More charges may be brought up against the 54-year-old former attorney general as the investigation continues.

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During a press conference, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said Spark was able to get away with his crime by using a room reserved for attorneys and their clients. In this room there are no cameras or audio recording devices.

Officials said that Spark was creating a pornographic video with inmates titled “Girls in Jail.” Shauna Boselli, 25, told investigators that Spark–who wasn’t her lawyer–visited her and said he would deposit money in her commissary if she agreed to perform oral sex. Boselli also revealed Spark bragged about having met with another female inmate that day.

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Boselli declined Spark’s offer, but told detectives who later located an inmate who admitted to having had sex with Spark at least six times since June. Once officials learned Spark was visiting the jail again last Sunday, surveillance was set up and Spark was caught “fully exposed.”