A ‘Four Brothers’ Sequel Is On The Way, According To Tyrese

Tyrese may not be returning to the Fast & Furious franchise as Roman Pearce, but apparently he is planning to reprise another one of his other movie roles. According to the actor, Paramount is working on a sequel to the 2005 blockbuster, Four Brothers, and Tyrese will return as Angel Mercer.

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The actor announced the news on Instagram on Dec. 1. “Paramount has officially greenlit a sequel to Four Brothers ( no lies here lol ),” he wrote in the caption. “It’s all over the net the script is almost done to the sequel and it’s magic- Gonna be cool as hell just getting back with the crew.”

The original Four Brothers featured Tyrese, Mark Wahlberg, Andre 3000, and Garrett Hedland. The film told the story of four orphaned brothers who were in search of the man who killed their foster mother. The narrative will most likely shift a lot since Hedlund’s character was ultimately killed in the movie’s final scenes however.

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But as we all know, Tyrese has been known to lie now and again. He previously came under fire for fabricating a story about Will and Jada Pinkett Smith gifting him $5 million to help with his current financial situation. He also faked a pregnancy with his wife. So, we’ll have to wait and see if this sequel will really happen or not. In the meantime, check out his post on Instagram below.