Houston Man Says An Uber Driver Canceled His Pick Up Due To His Facial Genetic Disorder


A Houston man wants an apology from Uber after he claims a driver saw him, made eye contact and then drove off.

Reggie Bibbs, 52, has neurofibromatosis; a condition that causes tumors to grow on his face. Due to his genetic disorder, Bibbs says he ordered an Uber last Monday to go to the hospital to have some blood work done.

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While speaking with ABC 13, Bibbs said he stepped out of his house and onto the street as the Uber driver was approaching. Bibbs said he and the driver made eye contact, and after seeing him allegedly the driver drove off.

“I saw him pass by. He looked right at me. He was going real slow. He just passed the house. I could see the brake lights on. He went a couple of houses down. He turned around and came back by the house again. He went real slow.”

Bibbs continued and said it was after seeing him for a second time that the driver canceled his ride.

“I’m looking at him. He’s looking at me. He just keeps going down to the end of the street. When he got to the end of the street, I got a message that said unfortunately your driver canceled. That was it. There was no explanation.”

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Bibbs said he was shocked and embarrassed by the sudden cancelation, and believes its due to his condition. Bibbs works with the non-profit Courageous Face Foundation and said they’re now looking into what legal actions they can take against Uber.