Houston Man Reportedly Murders Girlfriend With Samurai Sword

A Houston man, 45-year-old Kenneth Wayne Lockings Jr., is being charged with murder after he “nearly” guillotined his girlfriend with a samurai sword on Wednesday, authorities say.

Around 5:30 p.m., investigators responded to a call regarding a “cutting in progress,” reports the Houston Chronicle. Lockings’ girlfriend, Aracely Jernigan, 36, was found dead on his living room floor, the sword in close proximity to her body, after what appeared to be a brutal slaying.

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Hours later, Lockings turned himself in after vetoing the entry of his father and sister to his home, extensively. In fact, their arrival may have been happenstance. When Lockings’ father was able to get in, he saw the body and induced the submission of Lockings to authorities. He was the first person to discover the body.

KTRK-TV spoke with the suspect’s grandmother, Marie Carrier, as he had visited her home, next door, hours earlier for coffee. Carrier told officials that the samurai sword was a Thanksgiving gift. She also said that Jernigan had only recently returned to Houston after months away on a visit to her family’s home in Mexico.

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“He’s really messed up in the head,” Carrier avowed, telling the Houston Chronicle that her grandson had well-known and longstanding mental health issues. He’s being held without bail at Harris County Jail.

No motive has been determined yet. KTRK reported that officers found a travel bag packed with women’s clothing, possibly Jernigan’s clothing, at Lockings’ home. They believe that she had been preparing to leave at the time of the onslaught.

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This will not be Lockings’ first felony. The suspect has something of a rap sheet. The Chronicle reports that he had been charged with familial assault in 2009, a charge that was dismissed after Lockings was convicted of cocaine possession.

Lockings does not have an attorney at present time. He is expected to appear in court on Wednesday, Jan. 3.