Issa Rae Reportedly Pitches Sci-Fi Show, Helps Writers Of Color Bring Their Vision To Life

Issa Rae is now dabbling in the world of sci-fi, while simultaneously helping other writers and showrunners of color bring their visions to life onscreen. Rae, who stars in her hit HBO show Insecure, is reportedly pitching a series titled The Awoken.

The program was created by Katelyn Howes and was acquired by Rae’s production company ColorCreative.TV through a fresh wave scheme Howes won, put in place by Rae, Sky Vision—a distribution company, and Talos Films.

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The Awoken is a drama chronicling a young adult’s journey through being resurrected from a cryogenic preservation in 2103. Subsequently, main character Alabine Rivers is forced to join a clan of rebels fighting for basic human rights of The Awoken, a population of people who’ve been frozen and then resurrected. After the resurrection, they are hunted by a sadistic regime that hinders any type of scientific advancement. The group also wants to morph the country into a dystopia.

“The producers and mentors of Fresh Wave have provided a thoughtful and unique program that has allowed a female created sci-fi world to come to life,” Howes told Deadline. “With The Awoken, I set out to write about privilege and how you can only really see it once it’s taken away. It’s a story about growing up. It’s a story about memory. And of course, at it’s heart, it’s a story about love.”

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Rae, who was discovered on YouTube with her hit series Awkward Black Girl, is elated to help up and coming writers share their vision with the world.

“I’m so pleased that Fresh Wave has produced not just a fantastic winner in Katelyn, but a wealth of new voices amongst the other finalists, showing that there is a huge amount of diverse young talent out there ready to light up our screens,” she said.

“The world has finally woken up to social mobility and this scheme is a way that Sky Vision can get involved,” added Sky Vision Managing Director, Jane Millichip. “But there’s also a commercial aspect, why would we do this just to get brownie points?”