‘Star Wars’ Co-Stars John Boyega And Gwendoline Christie Go Head-To-Head In ‘Fear Box’ Game


In preparation for the Dec. 15 release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, stars John Boyega and Gwendoline Christie stopped by Vanity Fair’s “Fear Box” to accept the challenge of sticking their hands in a box and touching surprise creatures. And yes, it’s as hilarious as you’re expecting.

A theatrical Boyega brought the screams over touching a “newt” (bearded dragon) and when Christie was not here for touching a boa snake, Boyega simply told her, “You’ve got insurance, it’s fine!”

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Boyega has been on a serious press tour and during a Wednesday interview with ITV’s “This Morning,” one of the show’s hosts revealed a pretty huge spoiler alert.

Holly Willoughby, who had obviously seen an advance screening, accidentally said,”Fans will be excited because Yoda is back!”

A shocked Boyega attempted to salvage the interview without addressing the spoiler, but realizing the damage was already done, he said, “You know what, things happen. Get your ticket! Get your ticket!”

Boyega is rarely shook and that even applies to when he shot a scene for Star Wars: The Last Jedi with the Royal Family.

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“. . . it wasn’t intimidating, it was fun. I thought, like, “Of course, it’s Star Wars, they’re going to bring the royal family. It felt fun. They were in Stormtrooper costumes,” Boyega said during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Watch the co-stars in Vanity Fair’s “Fear Box” below and check out Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Dec. 15