Seven 'Get Out' Conspiracy Theories Confirmed By Jordan Peele

"I honestly never thought people would pick up on this stuff so fast and I'm inspired to bring more."

Get Out was released earlier this year, but there's still plenty of elements and themes to dissect. From videos, memes and think-pieces, everyone believes their view of the film has a hint of truth in it. Writer director and creator of the smash film Jordan Peele decided to take some conspiracy theories up to task with Vanity Fair. 

Released Friday (Dec. 1), the comedian checked out some theories via Reddit to see if fans really caught some of the film's hidden messages. A few, he notes, were on the ball like The Deer Theory, which points out Chris' relationship with his mother and death. Another A+ theory was The John Malkovich theory, which connects the cult classic to Get Out via actress Catherine Keener, who starred in both films.

"It was definitely was not lost on me that I was able to get Catherine Keener in her second 'weird perspective living in someone else's brain movie,'" he said. "We joked about that and I'm a huge fan Being John Malkovich. I also sat down with Spike Jonze a few months ago and I told him this theory and we laughed about it. So as far as I know, it's true."

Peele says some of the theories are pretty far fetched, but he was genuinely surprised at the appreciation for the film's themes. "Some of y'all are crazy," he said. "I honestly never thought people would pick up on this stuff so fast and I'm inspired to bring more."

See more theories below.


The Rod Theory (the entire movie is apart of Rod's imagination where he is the hero in the end) 

Peele: "I love this theory, it is a hundred percent false. Get Out is not some kind of daydream fantasy. It really happened. The f**ked up brain surgery thing happened."

The Grandpa Theory (the grandfather lived inside Walter per his obsession with being a fast black man)

"I always had this idea that the grandfather wanted to run just as fast as Jesse. There was a line that I wanted to put in the film but I decided not to because it would be too over the top. ("I finally beat ya Jesse!")

The Deer Theory (Watching something dying like he did when his mom passed away) 

"There's a whole parallel between the deer, Chris and Chris' mother. The suppressed memory of his mother dying after being hit by the car. The whole deer metaphor goes in so many different directions. The Buck is the animal Chris uses to kill the matriarch of Rose's family.

The Fruit Loops & Milk Theory (Rose keeps the colored fruit loops separate because, racist) 

"They're definitely representational of colored food and white food, but it's more so that she's a twisted girl who's got this sort of method. Ultimately,  the plan of the armitage is to mix, so partial credit goes to you.

The Rose Theory (everything Rose does has another meaning)

"If you've see the movie once, then you should watch it again just to see Rose cause everything she does has a different meaning."

The John Malkovich Theory 

"It was definitely not lost on me that I was able to get Catherine Keener in her second "weird perspective living in someone else's brain movie." We joked about that and I'm a huge fan of the movie. I also sat down with Spike Jonze a few months ago and I told him this theory and we laughed about it. So as far as I know, it's true."


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