Joyner Lucas Airs Out Pill Popping Rappers On “Gucci Gang (Remix)”

Joyner Lucas isn’t done serving up lethal bars this year. After his attention grabbing video “I’m Not Racist” grabbed new viewers — and ether’d racists — on a major scale last week, the Massachusetts native is back with his “Gucci Gang (Remix).”

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However, this isn’t your celebratory remix, Lucas actually despises rappers who glorify the use of hard drugs like lean, molly, percocets and xanax in their music. Take this as a warning that the opinionated lyricist is on a mission to bring change in hip-hop culture.

“What’s a Lil Pump to a rocket flame/Turn your pink dreads into some pocket change/All you new rappers ain’t talk about sh*t except doing drugs/Wonder how you got a name/Sippin’ lean, taking E, Percocet, purple drank, Xanax, everything sound the same/Bunch of drug addicts in the house of pain,” raps Joyner on his “Gucci Gang (Remix).”