Keaton Jones’ Principal: “The Bullying Was Not As Rampant As Video Describes”


In response to Keaton Jones’ viral video, the principal for the child’s middle school has shared his account of what prompted the now most very 2017 story of 2017.

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Speaking to USA Today on Monday (Dec. 11), Horace Maynard Middle School Principal Greg Clay admitted he wasn’t aware of Jones being bullied, but the episode the sixth-grader tearfully described in the video was resolved weeks ago.

“It’s not as rampant as the video would have you to believe,” Clay said. “I can’t tell you what was done, but I can tell you action was taken with the children.” An anti-bullying assembly was planned for January “even before this came out,” he said. The school also addressed the incident yesterday.

Over the weekend, Jones’ mother Kimberly Jones, filmed her son speaking on the reported bullying he experienced at the school. Through tears, he recounted having milk poured on him and ham put down his clothes at lunch.

A Union County Public Schools official told the outlet they have zero tolerance for bullying, and anytime bullying is reported it’s their policy to immediately investigate the allegations.

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After going viral, the video evoked athletes and celebrities like Chris Evans, Justin Bieber, Millie Bobby Brown and Snoop Dogg to reach out, offering words of encouragement, advice and gifts. A GoFundMe, that’s no longer accepting donations, was created.

Jones’ mother received backlash once screenshots of her Facebook page displaying her views on black protestors and the confederate flag caught public attention. Her page is now private and hasn’t respond to reporters for comment. Lakyn Jones, who identified herself as Keaton Jones’ sister, didn’t respond to reporters for comment either but tweeted responses to assertions made on Twitter that her mother posted racist comments.

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