LeBron James Creatively Stands Up For Equality During Wizards Game

From calling President Donald Trump a “bum” on Twitter to calling for social change at the ESPY awards earlier this year, NBA powerhouse LeBron James makes sure he uses his platform to call out injustices.

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During Sunday night’s (Dec. 17) game against the Washington Wizards, James sported a black shoe and a white shoe, both with the words “equality” etched in gold letters on the back.

After beating the Wizards 106-99, James explained his reasoning behind his bold move in the locker room.

“Obviously I’ve been very outspoken and well-spoken about the situation that’s going on at the helm here,” James told reporters. “Equality is all about understanding our rights, understanding what we stand for and how powerful we are as men and as women, black or white, or Hispanic. It doesn’t matter your race.”

Several months ago a memo was sent from the NBA to all 30 teams, reinforcing the rule that players and coaches can’t kneel during the national anthem, according to a report from the Washington Post, but offering different ways players can speak their mind about matters of the heart.

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This is the second time James has worn the “equality” Nikes.