Yikes: Lonzo Ball Is Selling Nas-Inspired Merch Online

Lonzo Ball incited a lot of New Yorkers and hip-hop fans when he sported a hoodie trolling Nas at the Madison Square Garden earlier this month. But apparently he didn’t care to pay attention to the backlash. Instead, he’s back with another stunt that is bound to make even more people angry. Apparently the Lakers star is now selling Nas-inspired merch online.

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Ball’s family-owned business, Big Baller Brand recently debuted its new ZO2 collection, featuring a series of garments with the controversial graphic. If you need a little refresher, the graphic depicts a cut out of Lonzo’s face  PhotoShopped onto Nas’ 1996 album, It Was Written.

According to the site, the collection includes pullover hoodies and t-shirts in three different colorways, and an assortment of hats.

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The new ZO2 collection comes brielfy after Ball sparked controversy by suggesting no one listens to Nas anymore. After the initial rush of negative feedback, Ball didn’t seem to back down. During an interview with ESPNLA, he stood behind his statements. “Nobody listens to Nas no more, which I think is true, because of my friends ain’t nobody bumping Nas no more, no disrespect to him,” Lonzo explained. “He had his time, I just think it’s a new time. And then the next question was, what is real hip-hop to you? And I said real hip-hop is Future and Migos, so that’s how it all went down.”

While Lonzo and his friends may not listen to Nas, many of the old heads in the genre, along with countless fans, think the 19-year-old star should at least respect his elders.

The ZO2 merchandise ranges from $55 to $85. You can purchase the new line at zo2collection.com.

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