Baton Rouge MC Maine Musik Pays Homage To The Late Soulja Slim With “Soulja Slim Flow” (Video)


As a teenager growing up in Baker, Louisiana, we considered New Orleans rapper, Soulja Slim one of the hardest MCs on the planet. His song, “Soulja Life Mentality,” we felt on a spiritual level. So, it makes perfect sense for Baton Rouge’s budding MC, Maine Musik to pay homage to the fallen soldier with his new video, “Soulja Slim Flow.”

In the One Nine-directed video, Maine and his retarded comrades pose for the camera with enough Draco’s to start a civil war in East Baton Rouge Parish.

“I’m certified with slanging iron, I let the led rush…stalking niggas is a must/They say they want smoke with us/Well, I getting niggas touched,” raps the young gorilla.

Maine Musik and his partner-in-rhyme, T.E.C. have been pushing out music that’s been catching on in the streets of Baton Rouge as well as in Houston, TX. If you’re into the honest-to-god street-hop, watch out for these guys.

Watch the video above and peep one of the hardest Soulja Slim song’s below.