Clap For Him: Michael Che Becomes First Black Head Co-Writer For ‘SNL’

Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” co-host Michael Che is the first black person to serve as head writer in the show’s 42-year history.

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Che will work alongside “Weekend Update”‘s Colin Jost, as well as Bryan Tucker and Kent Sublette to bring the LOLs to the long-running sketch comedy show. Other famous head writers for SNL include Tina Fey and Seth Meyers.

Che, 34, came to the show in 2013 as a guest writer, and was later promoted to a regular writer. He has been hosting “Weekend Update” since 2014, after replacing featured player Cecily Strong. He has written memorable sketches such as “Black Jeopardy” featuring Tom Hanks as a Trump supporter.

Che posted a picture on Instagram after the news broke, however, he didn’t outright reference his promotion. Instead, he referenced a recent, modernized take on Eddie Murphy’s “White Like Me,” in which he played a liberal white woman named Gretchen.

“…free rigatoni for LIFE?! this is the BEST news i got all day,” he wrote.

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Congrats to Che on the new gig!