Rich Gang Artist, Mike D’Angelo, Donates To Family Of D.C. Teen Killed Over Air Jordans

From bitcoins to the “money phone,” 2017 has been an interesting year for one of hip-hop’s favorite topics, money. Because of bread, fans have seen JAY-Z turn from Jigga Man – Brooklyn’s black Clark Kent – into a billionaire. Yet as the year ends, Rich Gang-signee, Mike D’Angelo, chose to flash money in a different way.

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Thursday (Dec. 28), D’Angelo took to Instagram with a series of pictures featuring him counting money. Yet unlike most rap posts, this wasn’t concert cash that will eventually become expensive accessories. Rather, these stacks came from a fundraiser and were being prepped for donation.

A day prior to the posts, the DMV-native hosted a “Stop The Violence” show featuring several local acts. The event was a major success. According to Mike D’Angelo’s Instagram, the show generated a “significant” amount of cash (enough to “buy a car”), all of which he gave to the families of deceased DMV youth, including the mother of James Anthony Smith, the Southeast teen killed for his sneakers.

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The 17-year-old Smith, who his mother described to the Washington Post as “an All-American kid,” was murdered Dec. 18  for his Air Jordans, making him one of D.C.’s 113 murders (the sixth under 18). In addition to Smith, D’Angelo also gave a portion of the proceeds to the families of Amir Brooks who died after an off-duty police officer pursued his dirt-bike resulting in a fatal collision and Greg McBride who was murdered behind his mother’s house.

While this philanthropy does not heal the wounds caused by the passing of a loved one, by promoting and curating his “Stop The Violence” event, D’Angelo is shedding light on the reality faced by inhabitants of the nation’s capital.