Nicki Minaj Think Now Is A Perfect Time To Be A White Rapper In America

Saturday evening, (Dec. 16) Nicki Minaj left many people confused due to comments she made on Instagram. The “Motorsport” artist posted a picture of the top 10 hip-hop/rap songs on iTunes in the United States and noted that many artists on the the list weren’t artists of color or black.

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“It’s a great time to be a white rapper in America, huh?” the 35-year-old captioned. “These are the top 10 rap songs on U.S. iTunes. Shout out to Em and Post, two of my faves. Congrats to Em on his new album. Motorsport put that thing in sport.”

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After several changes, many wondered if Nicki edited her initial caption to avoid what may appear to be jealousy or backlash. Nicki soon fired back posting a 2014 J.Cole interview with Angie Martinez in which the Dreamville CEO spoke about how jazz, which was once a predominately black musical art form, has now been commercialized by white musicians.

“Whenever a black woman speaks on anything she’s labeled as mad, angry or biter,” Nicki wrote. “I’m on four songs on the Billboard Hot 100. I’m blessed and highly favored thanks to my amazing fans, but I’ll speak on whatever the f*ck I want to whenever the f*ck I want to. I love being a smart, successful woman. It’s never been cool or funny to be illiterate or uninterested in your own industry and how it works.”

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Wale caught wind of the conversation Nicki brought up and agreed. According to the Shine artist, when it comes to the music industry, not all artists are given an equal playing field.

Do you agree with Nicki? Do white artist get to enjoy a certain “built-in” success that black artists do not?” Sound off in the comments below.