Nipsey Hussle Drags TV Reporters Who Dissed Diddy

Earlier this week (Dec. 17), Diddy announced his plans to buy the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. The billionaire businessman seemed to receive support from a number of celebs, including Colin Kaepernick, but Bay Area reporter, Henry Wofford, didn’t seem to be on board. Wofford reportedly mocked Diddy during a live broadcast, suggesting he should stay in his lane. His comments incited many fans, including Nipsey Hussle, who later expressed his frustrations on social media.

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“I’m offended to my core,” Nipsey wrote in an Instagram post, which also included a video clip of Wofford and another reporter joking about the Bad Boy mogul. “And both these clowns can’t even pay the water bill at one of @diddy estates…but THEY CANT TAKE HIM SERIOUS? ‘He looked like he jus finished Drinking a 40?’ You talking bout a owner of a vodka company! ‘I don’t even know what he does’ @forbes do tho.”

Nipsey also scolded the reporters for encouraging the mindset of remaining in a comfort zone. “‘You gotta stay in yo comfort zone?’ That’s the mentality of a FAILURE,” he added. “U Never speak when you This STUPID AND OUT THE LOOP OF REALITY!!! @diddy I HOPE THEY MOTIVATED U EVEN MORE AND WHEN U BECOME THE 1st Blac @NFL owner we gone only wear. Yo team jerseys and make sure u get a super bowl trophy!!! Fucc these bitches and this whole way of thinking…”

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Shortly after the story went viral, Wofford apologized for his remarks, stating that his words were taken out of context. But it seems Nipsey was still heated. TMZ Sports caught up with the the rapper shortly after he shared his first post, where he elaborated on his thoughts. “They’re gonna get it. Yeah, they’re gonna get that,”Nipsey told TMZ Sports. “First NFL black team owners. Puff, Kaepernick—Hussle might donate a couple dollars to it. Bet on that.”

He also issued a warning to the reporters: “F**k the n***a on the news that was woofing that s**t. We gonna catch you and beat your a**,” he said. “And we got some homegirls for that b***h, too.”