Premiere: Harlem’s NYM LO Turns The Tables For Everyone “Speedin'” In The Streets

Harlem’s NYM LO is ready to turn heads in the new year, and he’s starting a few months early with the new visuals for his introspective track, “Speedin,” which makes its VIBE’s premiere today (Dec 13). As a product of his gritty environment, the Ralph Lauren aficionado now uses his street experiences to paint vivid pictures about his past life — and he hopes to set a more positive example for his listeners.

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“Young niggas in the ghetto grow up around crime, poverty and violence and they’re always looking for a way out, says NYM. “I wanted the video for “Speedin” to be gritty and authentic, reflecting the consequences of living too fast when you’re young in the inner-city. When I wrote the song, I took a lot of experiences from my own life, chasing money, chasing girls and some of the reckless decisions I made.”

He continues: “Speedin'” happened by accident. The song was one of DZA’s favorites, and he added it to his most recent project (Cuz I Felt Like It Again). When it came time for the video, I needed it to be raw and semi-autobiographical. That’s why I used my son as the main character.”

NYM LO is set to release his forthcoming Everything LO album in February 2018. You can also catch the rapper in the upcoming Damon Dash film Honor Up which is now hitting theaters nationwide.