Ohio Postal Worker Facing Termination Kills Two Bosses While Naked


An irate postal worker in Ohio facing termination has been charged with aggravated murder for shooting his supervisor at the post office, and with murder for killing a postmaster outside of her apartment complex.

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DeShaune Stewart, 24, was naked during both fatal encounters that took place Saturday morning. (Dec. 23) According to Sgt. David Sicilia, Stewart was scheduled to walk his normal mail route however, he shot and killed his supervisor Lance Dempsey, 52, shortly before 4:30 a.m. at the Dublin post office.

Stewart then reportedly drove to Columbus where he’s accused of murdering postmaster Ginger Ballard, 53, outside her apartment complex. Ballard’s  body was found in between two cars. Dispatchers received a 911 close to 7:15 a.m. about a man with a gun chasing a woman outside her home. Upon arrival, law enforcement arrested Stewart and recovered a handgun after he attempted to run away.

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Sicilian described the events to reporters as “workplace violence” between a suspect seeking revenge against his supervisor who were about to fire him.