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Migos Release New Single Titled “Stir Fry” Produced By Pharrell

Apparently, when you mix Migos and Pharrell together, you get “Stir Fry.” Pharrell, who just dropped an album with N.E.R.D, produces the trio’s newest track as a prelude to their upcoming Culture 2 album.

The single sounds like a hit, immediately following the weeks-old “Motorsport,” and will be on their new album which will be released sometime in January 2018.

The song is unexpected but you love it. It’s a perfect amalgam of two iconic styles. While Migos approaches the track with their signature catchy hooks and flow, Pharrell incorporates eccentric, collage-like rhythm, deep synth chords, and some background audio.

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The collaboration is reminiscent of some older Pharrell or Neptunes-produced hits like 2004’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and 2006’s “Wanna Love You Girl” in which cases you hear the words but can’t help responding to the beat. Like the artists in the latter singles, Migos trade in their typical tempo and cadence but maintain their fan-favored flow. While the trio is known for “head-bopping” music, this song is more upbeat and can even be danced to. They slightly adjust for Pharrell’s eclectic sound and tip-toe into new territory.

Migos have proven themselves, steadily increasing their fan base, and Pharrell’s got the Midas touch so the collaboration is gold. They go together like Brin and Page or Ben & Jerry.

The anticipation for Culture 2 just escalated.

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