Pregnant Staten Island Woman Found Dead After Argument With Boyfriend


A couple’s heated argument ended in dismay on Thursday (Dec. 21), leaving a pregnant woman dead.

When police arrived at the couple’s Staten Island apartment, they discovered a gunshot wound to the chest of Bridget Shenk, 35. Shenk, who was three months pregnant, was shot by her boyfriend, Keith Jackson, 42, and was pronounced dead on the scene.

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Police said that Jackson shot Shenk in the second-floor hallway and recovered a .40 caliber handgun from the scene. It’s suspected that Jackson shot Shenk in the chest once, at which time she staggered into the apartment where she was later found in a pool of blood.

The murder was thought to be premeditated upon receipt of a statement from the victim’s mother, Dorothy McLeod. McLeod reported to WPIX11 that Jackson never wanted a child, though Shenk was heavily anticipating motherhood.

McLeod said, “She always wanted a child. He didn’t want a child. When they found out she was pregnant, she was so excited. I went with her on Monday to the doctor.” McLeod seems to have shared the fervor with her daughter.

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Shenk “was trying to establish a better life for her child,” McLeod said. In turn, the victim had asked Jackson to move out—apparently, the two had an impending separation and Shenk’s name was on the lease.

In spite of that, McLeod said that the two had no obvious troubles when she spoke with them last on Wednesday. And she could recall no past instances of domestic violence between the two.

Jackson was apprehended on the scene and is being charged with murder, criminal use of a firearm, and criminal possession of a firearm.