Premiere: Nef The Pharaoh Channels 90s Nostalgia With “Kenan and Kel”

It’s no secret that Nickelodeon’s classic hit series Kenan and Kel was a huge staple in the childhoods of 80s and 90s babies everywhere. The Bay Area’s own Nef The Pharaoh captures that spirit in a new record based on the hilarious sitcom. Folks, grab your bottle of orange soda and peep this new banger, “Kenan and Kel.”

The track features young Neffy freestyling over the remixed iteration of the theme song. He does it in such a way that will bring you back to the good ol’ days of watching Nickelodeon on a Saturday night with the squad and it includes plenty of references to the fellas’ hilarious antics and of course, orange soda (yuck).

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However, don’t let that nostalgia distract you from the fact that Nef lyrically goes insane throughout the track. Though he has plenty of fun, bar for bar, he goes off like an uncaged animal with lines like, “I get booked off in London and Paris/You do shows for the free, I’m embarrassed/Ole’ broke ass boy where you wealthy at/I got my paper diagnosed, that’s a healthy check/You could get nick’ed with this cannon, wildin’ out on camera/F**k ni**a think he all that and can’t handle it.”

“I was actually in the studio doing a feature for a mutual friend and the producer was playing the beat and I was like ‘Bruh, gimme me that beat right now,’” Nef tells VIBE. “When he sent it to me I just gassed it and it was straight 90s. When I heard it, all I could think about was the good times from my childhood and dope a** house parties. The feeling I got, that’s what I bring it back to.”

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He added, “That’s why I threw that line in there ‘Who like orange soda, Neffy do!’ I was throwing all kinds of references from the show and the whole 90s feel. [My favorite moments were] the ending scenes where Kel would walk off and be like, “Aww here it goes”. Kenan used to say some crazy stuff, he’d be like ‘Get some floss, a pen, a water bottle and meet me right here,’ and Kel be like “Keenan what am I supposed to do with this? Aww man (laughs)!”

Neffy also took a shot at the controversial NBA rookie Lonzo Ball after he recently wore a hoodie with his face and name imposed on Nas’ groundbreaking debut Illmatic with the bar: “You don’t appreciate the art if you don’t like Nas/Hit ‘em in his left eye like I’m T-Boz.”

“It’s some people that you just have to always respect, it’s some pillars and landmarks that you got to respect,” he said. “Nas is one of them people that you can’t ever disrespect. You can’t disrespect Nas, man. That’s who I’m talking to and that’s what inspired the line.”

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He’s not done cooking either as he also as a new single on the way that will be released as part of Adult Swim’s singles program in January.